Food Style Film

One of my greatest passions is storytelling around beautiful quality food products and brands. Along with film maker Rae Fallon I offer a range of food film packages to capture your unique product, story and brand position. I will develop a bespoke recipe and style for your film which will be shot by the very talented and thoughtful Rae Fallon.

The packages of recipe films outlined below are a perfect addition to your marketing strategy across Social Media, for Direct Email or to bring your website to life.



Furious Bee is a strong brand with a darker, slightly masculine aesthetic. The honey is high quality and hand extracted in small batches from hives in rural Perth areas. This recipe was created to maintain the raw nature of the honey which is a large draw card for the business and the film, while gentle in nature, is a little darker and incorporates graphic elements in keeping with the Furious Bee website, brand styling and font.

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// for Baby Mealtimes

// for Baby Mealtimes


We would love the opportunity to explore the ways we could showcase your business and bring your products to life through beautifully styled films. Film content is king and provides a powerful and effective medium for connecting with your ideal audience.

Our food films are offered in a single or as packages of five or ten, depending on the level of brand investment you are looking for. I would love to send you more information so get in touch and I will forward a PDF outlining everything you need to know about your food on film and the package pricing.

Let's get creative and bring your brand to life on screen.

// for Kinky Kondiments

// for Kinky Kondiments


This is your opportunity to curate an offering tailor-made for your business. Our clients come up with all sorts of interesting film ideas and we love creating beautiful content for them. 

Need some ideas? Leave out the recipe and tell your brand story? Shall we share the process of creating your product? Capture one of your key staff sharing their thoughts on their passion within the business? Reach out with an important message to your consumers?