Baby and Toddler Mealtimes

Raspberry and Baked Oat Slice with gorgeous Elsie

Raspberry and Baked Oat Slice with gorgeous Elsie

Photography by Rae Fallon

For Baby and Toddler Mealtimes

This was such a beautiful project to be involved in. What could be more important than providing resources and support for parents who want to provide appropriate nutrition, offer variety and set up great eating habits for their baby or toddler!

Having a family of my own, I know it’s not easy to navigate mealtimes, fussy eaters and maintain the energy it takes to run a healthy kitchen on a daily basis. Pediatric Dietitian, Dr Kyla Smith, is assisting parents by providing recipes and supportive information while also keeping things simple. Her website provides age appropriate recipes, tested on the gorgeous little people who appear in the photo’s and her daughter Elsie, who eats almost anything you are willing to offer.

Recipes were developed and then photographed across a number of dates and locations with parents and children involved. No day shooting for this huge project was ever boring. There were lots of laughs, lost of delicious food and many a messy floor post mealtime.

The recipes developed for Baby Mealtimes were specifically for baby lead weaning, while the recipes for Toddler Mealtime were created for the whole family to enjoy together.