Pumpkin, Carrot and Miso Soup

Pumpkin, Carrot and Miso Soup
Serves 6

Pumpkin Soup.jpg


  • 1kg pumpkin, peeled
  • 500g carrot, peeled
  • 2 brown onions, diced
  • 1 ½ tbsp grapeseed oil
  • 2 clove garlic, peeled and crushed
  • 1 tbsp fresh ginger, crushed or grated
  • 1-2 tbsp red miso paste (to taste)


  • Black sesame seeds
  • Spring onions, sliced
  • Fried shallots
  • Dried wakame, soaked in water until soft


  • Preheat oven to 200C
  • Cut pumpkin and carrot into similar size chunks, drizzle with oil and roast for around 25 minutes or until starting to caramelise.
  • When veggies are nearly ready to place remaining oil in a heavy based saucepan over medium heat, add onions and cook stirring for 3 minutes.
  • Add garlic, ginger and a little salt to stop the garlic burning and cook stirring for another 3-5 minutes.
  • Add the veggies straight from the oven into your pot and top up with water to just cover the veg.
  • Cook at a simmer for 15 minutes.
  • Add the miso to taste and blend with a stick blender until smooth.
  • Serve topped with sesame seeds, shallots, spring onions and wakame.
RECIPESKate Nancarrow