Grilled Fig and Haloumi with Sticky Balsamic


The tree in our back yard is heavy with ripe figs and I am desperately trying to use them before the Rosellas get the lot. There has been jam, cakes and salads galore and luckily my family are very happy to eat the fruit straight from the tree, still warm from the sun. One of my favourite fig food matches is salty grilled haloumi. They make the perfect juxtaposition and when you add mint...Weeeellllllllll... life just gets a little bit better with each mouthful. 

  • Serves - 2
  • Prep Time - 10 min
  • Cook Time - 10 min


2 tbsp Sticky Balsamic- Premium Fig

200g Haloumi

3 ripe figs

1 cup baby rocket

2 tbsp pinenuts, toasted

2 tbsp EVOO

½ cup mint leaves


Slice the haloumi into 4 even pieces through the wide edge.

Slice the figs in half from top to bottom

Heat BBQ or grill plate to medium hot

Drizzle the cheese and figs with oil then grill the cheese each side until browned (2 mins each side) and the figs on the open

side only until caramelised (2 mins one side).

Lay the cheese on a service platter slightly overlapping. Top with the figs, then scatter with rocket an

Mint, before finishing with pine nuts and Sticky Balsamic in Fig.

Cooks Notes

Serve with grilled bread as a lunch or alone as an entree.