Lemon and Coconut Cake (gf)

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A the sun starts to heat the ground in Perth the fruit on our lemon trees start to turn yellow, all at once, and it's time to start baking, preserving and drinking all things lemon. There have been some beautiful cakes bouncing around the interweb over the last few weeks and I have tweaked a few recipes to create this gluten free lemon and coconut cake, which ticks all my boxes. Easy... tick... delicious... tick... versatile... tick...

You can make this recipe into cupcakes, a loaf or a pretty bunt shape. top it with icing, berries, a dusting of icing sugar, flowers, cream cheese icing or Greek yoghurt and honey. Send it to school with the kids or serve it up as dessert at a dinner party. Basically this one's a winner and you need it in your repertoire. The photos attached are some IPhone snaps I took after making the cake with my daughter. Enjoy.

Serves 8


Zest and juice of 2 lemons

300g golden caster sugar

3 large free range eggs

300ml EVOO (olive oil)

300ml FC Milk

200g GF flour of choice  (or 100g GF Flour / 100g almond meal for a heavier cake)

4 tsp GF baking powder

100g organic desiccated coconut (no sulphates)


Oven 180C

Rub lemon zest into sugar

Add eggs to sugar and beat until thick and creamy

Add oil, milk and lemon juice to egg mix and combine gently

Fold through dry mix until just combined.

Pour into a lined or buttered and floured tin and bake 40 mins for a large cake, or until a skewer come out of the cake clean.

Top with lemon icing and your choice of fresh fruits, flowers or herbs.